when we started

Crime Of Violence are a metalcore/ deathcore /happyhardcore band from Jakarta, Indonesia. The band formed in 19 May 2009. With the flow of deathcore and metalcore, Combined with a little happy hardcore. First time we have two vocalists and We had six person with two vocals. Now we were only four, among others Awith as a Vocal, Widy as Guitar and Ichal as a drum. And after our long journey through several changes in formation until we meet with reyga and reyga join with us on 26 May 2010 as a bass player until now, and until now we are Four persons, with the formation among others Awith as Vocal, Widhi as Guitar, Reyga as Bass, and Ichal as Drumer. We have the lyrics try to tell about sex, because we look at the circumstances surrounding our lives. They were ready to remedy the hearts of lovers of metal with their songs.

We already have Four songs. among others:


We were waiting for the right time to record the song in the studio, so please prayer and blessing from the pudendums wild that roam looking for a stems from the scrota. So what we wanted to be was granted.

we can support each others.

Thanks Before :)